Summer July 9, 2009

It’s getting hot over here

Spring May 11, 2009

This year’s spring has been very rainy: it rained at least couple of days in a week. That’s why the grass is still green and strawberries are sour (otherwise the grass would be yellow and strawberries would be sweet — all because of the sunshine). They say that our climate is in progress of transforming [...]

Mac February 28, 2009

I have finally bought a Mac! I was planning to buy it when I used iMac for couple of minutes back in 2006, because it looked nice both outside and inside — the interface of Mac OS seemed very beautiful to me. The two problems preventing me to buy a Mac were absence of Macs [...]

iPhone 3G and a SIM proxy December 20, 2008

I now have a iPhone 3G and because it is imported from USA and therefore locked, I can’t use it in Uzbekistan. But there is a workaround to this problem – using a SIM proxy. It is a hardware chip which is inserted between the phone and the SIM card. The proxy constantly tells the [...]

Mobile telephony in Uzbekistan October 16, 2008

The research conducted by Informa Telecoms & Media last November showed that Uzbekistan has one of the cheapest mobile communication services in the World. Only in Sri Lanka and Venezuela it was cheaper to talk and SMS using a mobile network. Time has since passed and I won’t be mistaken to say that we now [...]

Eid ul-Fitr October 1, 2008

Hazrati Imom (Hastimom) complex in Tashkent Today Uzbekistan celebrated two holidays — the Teachers’ day and Eid ul-Fitr. Happy holidays!

World is a cramped place September 15, 2008

Two interesting things happened to me last week. First, I received a mail from a (supposedly) Dutchman, who is currently staying in Tashkent, my hometown. He said he saw the Polish Catholic church in my YouTube video about Tashkent and asked how he can reach the church and see it by himself. I gave him [...]

Summer is over September 1, 2008

So, the summer is over and today is the independence day of Uzbekistan and beginning of the most important month is Islam — Ramadan. And BTW, I am back in Uzbekistan. Geirangerfjord, Norway

Uzbeks and Kazakhs August 5, 2008

Uzbeks and Kazakhs have a some kind of rivalry since ancient times, which (supposedly) continues to date. This can be seen in the everyday language that we, Uzbeks, use. For example, in Uzbek the word “Are you stupid?” can be said in many different ways, the “correct” form of it being “Jinnimisan?”. But many people, [...]

Better World Books August 2, 2008

Better World Books is an e-shop with really cheap new and used books. Used books cost $4 and onwards, and worldwide delivery costs $3 per book (free in the US) — very cheap. Bought 2 books there, it took less than 3 weeks to be delivered to Uzbekistan — good service! Highly recommended.

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