Alisher Usmonov April 26, 2008

Alisher Usmonov — an ethnic Uzbek appeared at top ten list of Britain’s richest men according to Sunday Times article: Alisher Usmanov, a former prosecutor in Uzbekistan, who appears at number five, built his £5,726m fortune through steel and ore mines. What’s interesting is that he used to be our neighbour and his father still [...]

Toblerone April 26, 2008

Whenever I, my parents or family members (uncles, aunts etc) go abroad, we always bring a bar or two of Toblerone — a swiss chocolate. It is kind of a tradition in our family. I thought it was only in our family until I saw the episode of Friends, when Emily, Ross’es British girlfriend also [...]

Skin cancer in Australia April 16, 2008

Did you know that 50% of Australians have skin cancer? Terrible.

Gym April 10, 2008

I started going to a gym every other day. Now my arms hurt, legs hurt, back hurts. And I am tired to death those days. I hope it is all for good.

Social networks March 22, 2008

I hate social networks like Facebook or LinkedIn — they just suck you in… and your time!

LinkedIn March 20, 2008

LinkedIn rocks — I’ve found so many old friends, classmates and even some of my teachers there. Amazing!

Welcome! March 17, 2008

Hi there! Welcome to my blog! This is my first post. Testing, testing © Half-Life. Okay, at least letters are being shown correctly, which means WordPress is running somewhat correctly…

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