3G January 2, 2009

Faster than my home ADSL connection. PS. A soft unlock has been released for iPhone 3G by the Dev Team

Donation November 5, 2008

I have made my first on-line donation in my life — to Wikipedia. It’s amount is insignificant, but I hope it will help somehow. PS. Congratulations to Obama! He deserved it.

World is a cramped place September 15, 2008

Two interesting things happened to me last week. First, I received a mail from a (supposedly) Dutchman, who is currently staying in Tashkent, my hometown. He said he saw the Polish Catholic church in my YouTube video about Tashkent and asked how he can reach the church and see it by himself. I gave him [...]

Hello, Mr President! August 11, 2008

Uzbeks and Kazakhs August 5, 2008

Uzbeks and Kazakhs have a some kind of rivalry since ancient times, which (supposedly) continues to date. This can be seen in the everyday language that we, Uzbeks, use. For example, in Uzbek the word “Are you stupid?” can be said in many different ways, the “correct” form of it being “Jinnimisan?”. But many people, [...]

Pictures from the sky July 26, 2008

Check out more magnificent photos taken from up above here

Football June 27, 2008

So, Russia was beaten by Spain… The finals will be between Germany and Spain. I think it will be a boring game. And by the way, Uzbekistan advanced to the next level of World Cup 2010 qualifiers. The next game will be against Australia on September 10 in Tashkent.

Russia in Euro-2008 June 22, 2008

Russia defeated The Netherlands in 1/4 finals yesterday and advanced to semi-finals. Moscow is celebrating:

Hot! June 8, 2008

It’s been around 40 degrees Celcius entire week. Very hot! PS. Go Obama!

Windows XP Service Pack 3 May 7, 2008

Service Pack 3 for Windows XP is now released. You can download it either via Automatic Updates or from the Microsoft Download Center website.

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