Better World Books August 2, 2008

Better World Books is an e-shop with really cheap new and used books. Used books cost $4 and onwards, and worldwide delivery costs $3 per book (free in the US) — very cheap. Bought 2 books there, it took less than 3 weeks to be delivered to Uzbekistan — good service! Highly recommended.

A game of foosball May 13, 2008

Friends (6:08): Chandler (offering Joey a game of foosball): Hi, my name’s Chandler. I just moved in next door, and I was wondering if you’d be interested in battling me in a post-apocalyptic world for control of the galaxy’s last remaining energy source? Joey: Sure! You have to see Chandler’s face when he pronounces these [...]

The first game I bought online May 5, 2008

I bought a game online for the first time 2 days ago. Sure, I used to buy games offline, and online too, but then I just bought a CD-key for an MMORPG called Guild Wars through eBay. Just a CD-key. But this time the game is distributed online and one have to download it afterwards. [...]

Friends March 24, 2008

I am currently watching Friends — a very popular American movie series. I have never watched it before and my friends kept telling it was very funny. So, I found that it was freely available to download at my ISP’s website, and what is interesting — it was in English. Yay! In Uzbekistan (and in [...]

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