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My name is Farkhod and my nickname is Bittabola, which means “a guy” in Uzbek. I am Uzbek and come from Uzbekistan.

I am a frond-end developer in a web development company in Tashkent, Uzbekistan‘s capital city.

Between 2005—2007 I have studied in Aarhus, Denmark at Aarhus Tekniske Skole (Aarhus Technical College) and now have a danish AP diploma. Except that, I hold a bachelor’s degree in IT management which I received at Tashkent University of Information Technologies.

Except Denmark, I have been to the UK (studied English there), Germany and France.

I speak Uzbek (my mother tongue), English, Russian fluently, plus some Danish.

What do I write about in this blog? About everything in the World. It does not have a particular subject. As the name implies, I will be experimenting a lot with this blog.

So, be my guest!

Technical stuff

This blog uses WordPress as the engine on a Dreamhost shared server. Also, I use a theme called “Azure Hut” originally by Speckyboy. But frankly, the theme was done quite awfully — the code was a mess. So, I took it and modified it heavily to change its design a bit, as well as the code to make it fit my needs and XHTML 1.0 Strict.

My other blogs (plus a photo gallery)

I have few other blogs — in Uzbek and in Russian (LiveJournal). I used to have many blogs in the past.

My first blog was (and it still is) on LiveJournal. And when I bought this hosting, I decided to make a stand-alone blog. After a while, I closed it and made another one. Those blogs were mainly an experiment.

I have a photo gallery as well. I used to publish some photos of Uzbekistan and Denmark there, though I don’t update it as frequent any more.

My Projects


I have accounts on LinkedIn, YouTube and Facebook.

I use Gmail and Google-hosted mail on my domains (I have a few).

I hate Yahoo mail because of its lousy spam filter.

I hate IE as all of my colleagues do. Prefer Firefox to it.

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