Summer July 9, 2009

It’s getting hot over here

King of Pop June 28, 2009

Michael Jackson

Requiescat in pace, King of Pop (1958–2009)

Spring May 11, 2009

This year’s spring has been very rainy: it rained at least couple of days in a week. That’s why the grass is still green and strawberries are sour (otherwise the grass would be yellow and strawberries would be sweet — all because of the sunshine). They say that our climate is in progress of transforming into sub-tropical (from continental). So, maybe it will become usual for us to see palm trees growing in near future.

Mac February 28, 2009

I have finally bought a Mac!

I was planning to buy it when I used iMac for couple of minutes back in 2006, because it looked nice both outside and inside — the interface of Mac OS seemed very beautiful to me.

The two problems preventing me to buy a Mac were absence of Macs in Uzbekistan and their price.

So, I saved some money, earned some experience in using eBay and decided to buy a Mac mini.

It is a factory refurbished Mac mini with a new Apple aluminum keyboard.

It looks awesome, it is very small and makes no noise.

Sure, it is not so powerful — Core Duo plus 1 Gb of RAM but can become a good jump-start into the Apple world in couple with my iPhone (which I also love, btw)

Yahoo! Domains, part 2 January 4, 2009

I received an e-mail from Yahoo! Domains today saying my domains will soon expire and I will be charged $35 renewal fee for each of my domains.


I transferred all my domains to DreamHost when Yahoo! announced that they will be charging $35 for 1 year renewal months ago! And Yahoo! still tries to charge me. Crazy people.

I had to manually cancel all Yahoo! domain services to avoid paying them.

P.S. There’s a banner advertising domain services:

Yahoo! domains banner

See that teeny-tiny “for your first term” thing? ;-)

3G January 2, 2009


Faster than my home ADSL connection.

PS. A soft unlock has been released for iPhone 3G by the Dev Team

Wind of change December 25, 2008

I changed my place, and more importantly, industry of work. My job is no longer connected with internet or web development. It does not mean I have lost interest, I have just decided to make my life a bit different.

And it’s more money, yeah!

iPhone 3G and a SIM proxy December 20, 2008

I now have a iPhone 3G and because it is imported from USA and therefore locked, I can’t use it in Uzbekistan. But there is a workaround to this problem – using a SIM proxy. It is a hardware chip which is inserted between the phone and the SIM card. The proxy constantly tells the phone that the SIM card is from AT&T even if it is not. This way the iPhone works but has some drawbacks – it sometimes loses signal and GPRS/EDGE/3G connection is unreliable.

Recently a hacker group called Dev-Team announced that there is a software unlock coming to iPhone 3G – you simply install a modified firmware to the iPhone and it works with all operators around the globe. Without any chips and drawbacks. The hack will be released on New Year’s Eve.

Donation November 5, 2008

I have made my first on-line donation in my life — to Wikipedia. It’s amount is insignificant, but I hope it will help somehow.

Wikipedia Affiliate Button

PS. Congratulations to Obama! He deserved it.

MSC Opera as seen from the fort of Oslo October 30, 2008

MSC Opera as seen from the fort of Oslo, originally uploaded by Bittabola.

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